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New Products

 Diaper covers

Why not make your little ones bottom as cute as she is:)  Put a design, a name, or a silly saying on their butt.  You can also add bows to dress up the look--why not put a matching hair bow on too! Prices range $10-$12.50 with bow accents.




Personalize any type of bag.  Available are duffle bags, backpacks, diaper bags and purses.  Make great presnts for kids and overnight bags fo rgrandma's house.  Not all these bags are in stock right now, so it might take a week to get them shipped.  there are a variety of colors and styles to choose form, I can send more pictures to those interested. Bows on bags are detachable, so we canmake them more masculine! Prices range $20 or w/ name $25.


Flip flops

You choose any bow and i will attach to flip flops...I have enough inventory of i can not store all sizes of shoes for you buy the shoes, pick the bows, and i'll do the rest!!!-- no hidden fees, same great prices as bows!!! maybe even a discount for 2 bows of same kind!!--or 3, get one for the hair too! Prices range $5-$12. of course simple bows are cheaper, and bigger bows are more expensive--prices are same for regular hairbows.

Pictures here are the $10 range.

Flip flops are made interchangeable so that if you don't want to wear the bow---take them off. 

Wearing tennis shoes for the day; put on your bows!!!




Bows made to interchange.  These are large 1.5 in. ribbon bows and a 7/8 in. bow that will clip inside each other.  Change the appearance of your bows without rebuying things.  The pictures show you how each look... 

Each bow is separate, can be worn togther or alone.  These can be made in smaller sizes too.